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Renting a Property Through Us

Finding a Property

Superb Property Management prides itself on the quality of the residential properties we list. We have provided a tool to assist your search for the perfect property. Just enter your requirements to see what is available now. Search Now.

Arranging an Inspection

Once you have made your selection, contact the property manager listed for the property of your choice. We will be pleased to answer your questions about the property and arrange a viewing at a time convenient to all parties.  All internal viewings are by appointment only.

Application Process

Once you have viewed and selected a property available to lease you need to submit an application. For your convenience you may access this form below.
Please complete all the information required on the application to ensure speedy processing of the application. You will need:
  • Photographic proof of identification for all applicants;
  • A completed privacy disclosure form for reference purposes;
  • Previous rental references – if any;
  • Proof of income: last 2 pay slips (if employed), last two tax returns (if self-employed);

If you have rented through Superb Property Management previously please update your information for this latest rental opportunity.

Screening Process

We will:
  • Confirm employment details for all applicants;
  • Check & confirm previous rental references;
  • Refer your application to the owner for their instructions;
  • Let you know within 48 hours.

If successful you will be required to pay 4 weeks bond within 24 hours unless otherwise agreed.

Moving In

Upon your successful application we will:
  • Make an appointment for you to sign your tenancy agreement and arrange payment of your first advanced rent and tenancy bond;
You will:
  • EFT direct credit the initial and ongoing rental payments to our nominated Trust Account. Details are on your application;
  • Organise Electricity, Telephone, Gas, Broadband Internet, Pay TV;

Do you need help with utility connections?  Talk to us.  We would be pleased to provide guidance if needed.

Protecting your Interests

Contents Insurance
Your contents are your responsibility. They are not covered under the owner’s insurances.  Take out contents insurance to avoid loss.

Property Condition Report
A detailed property condition report will be given to you when signing your tenancy agreement. You need to check this report for any discrepancies, sign, date and return both copies to our office within 7 days. This will serve as a protection of your interests as the completed report will be used when you vacate the property.


Periodic Inspections - are conducted 8 weeks after you move into the property and every 6 months thereafter. You will be given between 7 and 14 days’ notice of the scheduled inspection and we welcome you there to discuss any concerns you may have regarding the property.  You may also contact us prior to the inspection to discuss any issues.

Bond Inspection - a final inspection will be conducted before you vacate the property and the property condition report will be referenced to check the condition of the property. Your bond refund will then be finalised and forwarded to you at your nominated address or bank account.


"For emergency after hours problems please contact:” NSW: 02 8324 7474  ACT: 02 6108 3646

You will be provided with a list of important trades personnel should your matter be urgent. Please note that things MUST be of genuine URGENT/EMERGENCY to warrant after hours callout, otherwise you may have to pay the differential between normal and after hours charges.


In the case of a break-in please report to the Police immediately and then contact your property manager during business hours to advise the Police Report Number and the name of the glazier/repairer used to secure the premises. Glass breakages are usually claimable under the owner's insurance providing we have a Police report number.